Wednesday 26 October 2011

20:20 Print Exchange 2011

This year's 20:20 Print Exchange goes live on Flickr on Saturday November 19, to coincide with the time that 230 printmakers from across the UK and Ireland swap prints. I'm delighted to be taking part for the first time. 19 print workshops are participating in the biggest 20:20 event so far, organised by Salford's Hot Bed Press. Each printmaker has created an edition of 25 prints with the paper dimensions 20 x 20 cm. Almost 6,000 prints will be sorted and randomly re-packed so that every printmaker will receive back a boxed set of 20 original prints - their own and 19 others.

The rest are used to promote the Print Exchange and are included in physical exhibitions, like the one taking place in Salford as part of the Open Studios weekend on 19 & 20 November at Hot Bed Press on Cow Lane.

My linocut design, called 'Distant Pebbles' , was created in 2 stages. Firstly I printed a yellow and blue background, using both colours on the same roller. See below for the rather unexciting background image:

 Over the top of this I add the main image in a blue / grey ink:

The beach is one I love in South Wales, full of rockpools at low tide, close to Nash Point. I hope that the printmakers who end up with one of my prints in their pack enjoy them! I'll add the link to the 20:20 Flickr exhibition to the blog once it goes live.

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