Thursday 1 January 2015

2014 20:20 Print Exchange

This year I madly decided to take part twice in the 20:20 Print Exchange - once with Hot Bed Press, where I'm a member and also with Prospect Studios, in Rossendale, where I did most of my printing in 2014.

With Hot Bed Press I chose to experiment with a 2 colour (1 screen) screenprint, entitled 'Chaos'.

And with Prospect Studios I prepared a linocut edition called 'Riviera' from 3 separate 20 x 20 cm blocks.

It seemed like a great idea to enter the exchange for the first time with the Prospect printmakers and I just managed to pull it off in time.

Having bought a new scanner, I'm able to share these prints - and coming soon some of my favourites from my 2 boxes.

Another amazing effort from the Hot Bed Press team who organised the exchange - and the huge sort - with 581 artists taking part this year - from 42 print workshops across the UK and Ireland.

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