Monday 19 February 2018

Half Way Point on the Giant Macmillan Linocut

The giant linocut project is already at the half way stage! After another 6 hours of printing today at Hot Bed Press, the prints are drying, having been transformed by the third colour.

Tomorrow I will hand print the spot colours to define the hot air balloons and poppies!

Below you can see the development of the print so far, in images - as the design slowly emerges.

Plain A1 lino in my home studio

Transferrin the design and starting to cut the gutter

Lots of cutting - lino pieces everywhere

Printing colour 1 at Hot Bed Press
Prints drying at Hot Bed Press
Printing colour 2 gradation

Lots of rollers and lots of space to print the colour 2 gradation
To see a video of the second colour stage, please check out this link to my website, as I have not been able to add the video here.

The print at colour 2 - ready to go through the press again
Printing colour 3 at Hot Bed Press
The lino plate, rollers and print - today's workstation!

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