Friday 11 May 2018

The Best Art Experience of 2018?

Yesterday the Prospect Printmakers had special access to the vaults underneath Manchester Art Gallery with the curator, Kate Jesson. What a fantastic evening! We got to pick a selection of boxes of prints to see what was inside. We chose a wide selection, including unmarked boxes, and were lucky enough to see work not currently on show. We viewed works by Graham Sutherland and Japanese woodblock artists, amongst many others. 

Opening archive boxes in the vaults

The curator and a Piranesi design

Fabulous image - "after" Van Dyck

Graham Sutherland print

Utagawa Toyokuni woodcut

Hokusai - The Hanging Bridge

Liam Spencer painting

The vaults under Manchester Art Gallery

One of the real surprises was learning about the 'Manchester Corporation Rutherston Loan Collection' which allowed the people of Manchester to borrow pieces of art for their homes, like books from the library. What a superb idea!

It was truly a magical evening and great to go under the building to see the parts you usually only see on TV! Amongst the racking I also spotted a Liam Spencer oil painting, that surely should be on show!

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