Wednesday 11 December 2019

A visit to Durer's House

While visiting good friends in Nuremberg, I was lucky enough to visit the house of Albrecht Durer in the atmospheric old town.  There is no original Durer work there, but it is a fascinating and beautifully preserved burgher house from the fifteenth century and the museum tells the story of Durer well. 

Albrecht Durer's house (on the right)

Inside, the highlight for me was the 'historical printing demonstration'. 

Inking up

Nobody is quite certain of the design of the Gutenberg press, but back in 1971 a working reconstruction was created based on a drawing by Durer. Today it's used for printing demonstrations and I was lucky enough to 'help' by putting my back into pulling a print of Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg, who visited Nuremberg in 1512, thanks to this lovely printmaker.

Inserting the arm

The reconstructed press ready to go

The printed image revealed

Inside the workshop

Carolyn with the printed poster of Maximilian

It was great fun and added to my knowledge and my day!

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