Sunday 21 February 2021

2020 20:20 print exchange box

This year, the suspense was greater than normal! It took me until February 2021 to get my 20:20 print exchange box for 2020. In the middle of a global pandemic and UK lockdown, it was hardly 'essential travel' until I combined collecting it with picking up work returning from an exhibition. Anyway, it was worth the wait! 

My 2021 box

In my randomly sorted box, I received a great mix of original prints, including lots of linocuts and two works from a Russian workshop. My own image was a two-plate linocut called 'Towneley Hall' - a new colourway of 'That Window' which I created for the Impressions exhibition earlier in 2020. This is printed in water-based 'copper' ink and oil-based ultramarine.

'Towneley Hall' - my 20:20 submission in 2020

I also worked out that this is my 10th year of taking part. The first year may well have been 2011, in fact. In some mad years (2014 and 2016, I think), I entered an edition with both Hot Bed Press and Prospect Studio. Over the years, I've enjoyed the huge variety of work I've collected - some of which is up on the walls of my home. Some work was on the wall in my office at The Manchester College at one time. And I've picked up a few extra favourites over the years to supplement these!

I've pulled out below some of my own 20:20 prints, submitted over that time, just to see them together. I've started with my first one 'Distant Pebbles' from 2011...

'Distant Pebbles' linocut

'Hideaway' linocut

'Into the Woods' linocut

'Meandering' linocut

'Near Ragusa' screen print

'Regenerating' linocut

'Riviera' linocut

'Adjusting the Sails' linocut

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