Sunday 25 November 2012

20:20 Print Exchange is launched!

On Friday (23 November 2012) Hot Bed Press in Salford launched its biggest 20:20 Print Exchange yet! Well done to Sean and all the helpers, who sorted prints from 30 print workshops across UK and Ireland. 392 printmakers in total produced prints for the collection.

Each artist has now received their own box of 20 random prints. I picked mine up on Friday night and am delighted with the mix. Some of my particular favourites from my own box were these lovely prints:


They are (in order) by: Jenny Lines of Oxford Printmakers, Emily Rae Manning of Stew Print Rooms and Peter Kirley of Fife Dunfermline Print Workshop. Copyright is with the artist.

To see the full set of 392 prints, arranged by print workshop:

Hours of happy viewing!!

Full details at:

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